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The Fancy Gal

Born of mixed parentage in New Orleans in the antebellum era, Isadora DeVille and many other Creole women or mulattos were acculturated to be “Fancy Girls” or glorified mistresses for white plantation owners. But Miss DeVille is a woman before her time in that she does not define herself by her harlotry alone. Instead, she learns to use everything she has including her beauty, sexual prowess, and most of all her intellect to advance her cause which is freedom on her terms.

Her struggle: persuading white men to acknowledge her personhood and her birthright to freedom causes her to make deals with the devil. But along the way, Isadora realizes there is more to life than “fancying around” for the finest French gowns, alluring perfumes, and elite social events. The “Master’s” sexual exploitation and brutality of enslaved women opens Isadora’s eyes into redefining her worth and her future. From New Orleans to a Savannah Plantation and back to New Orleans, she discovers her true beauty and relevance.

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The Author

Dr. Sharon J. Willis is an avid researcher of African American history and has written and premiered 9 plays and 14 operas, most of them also written with African American historical subjects. This is the author’s first novel with plans to write two more works by 2020. Currently, she is the Department Chair of Music at Morris Brown College, and the Founding Director of Americolor Opera in Atlanta ( Willis holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Georgia; a Master’s in Church Music, Scarritt Graduate School; a Master’s in Music, Georgia State University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Music from Clark College( CAU). To engage the author for book signings, lectures, or related events, please contact Ms. Deborah McCrimmon, Administrative Assistant at

Fiction based upon history

W. Sharokee Music Publishing ISBN-13: 978-1-7331391-0-6 $20.00

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